Antioch Church of God in Christ Church History

Antioch Church of God in Christ (COGIC) was birthed in the spirit to Pastor Jonathan E. Logan in September 1994.  God revealed to him that, “the people of Peoria were sitting complacently in their homes with no place to worship”.  In November 1995, leadership within the Arizona Jurisdiction recognized Pastor Logan’s revelation and approved the establishment of the church in Peoria AZ.

While in Prayer the Lord directed him to name the church “Antioch, for it would be a Ministry Committed to Discipleship”.  Continuing to fast and pray, formal organization began in December ’95, with bible studies, until the inaugural service was held on Sunday, 7 January ’96.  Seven faithful families officially united with the church during services held at the Peoria Community Center.

After only six weeks at the location, the Lord revealed to Pastor Logan that as long as the ministry was located there, it would never have a sense of permanence.

Therefore, the membership immediately began to seek God for a new place of worship.  One week later the Lord allowed the new congregation to lease a room in the Sun Air Plaza, located at 9635 West Peoria Avenue.  Faced with starting a ministry with no infrastructure, God began to move.  First, God allowed the new congregation to purchase 110 chairs for $300, buy carpet and padding for another $300 and complete the total renovation of the new sanctuary without incurring any debt.  God again demonstrated his approval for the ministry by saving five souls during the inaugural service in the new facility. 

Only one month after moving into the new sanctuary the Lord again spoke to Pastor Logan directing him to lease additional space to house the church’s office and the children’s church.  When Pastor Logan questioned the Lord about how fast the growth was happening, the Lord informed him “That the just shall live by faith”.  The Lord showed his favor toward the ministry by allowing the entire church to be carpeted coupled with a state of the art musical system.

During the First year of ministry our theme was “Getting back to basics”.   In response to this mandate from God, Pastor began to teach the foundational doctrines of Christianity.  This was instrumental in over 20 souls being saved, 23 rededicating their lives to the Lord, and another 12 being baptized in the Holy Spirit. 

After nine months, the Lord spoke to Pastor Logan, that, “if the ministry stayed in its current location it would die, because there was no room for growth”.  While seeking the Lord for a new place to house the ministry, the Lord simply said “across the street”.  To Pastor Logan’s surprise, the building across the street was for sale.  In six months the Lord blessed the congregation to raise funds for the down payment on the building and a parcel of the land located directly behind the building, to be used as a parking lot.  The Lord also blessed the ministry to accomplish this while simultaneously saving funds for the furnishing and renovation of the building. The building and land were purchased on December 29, 1997.  The building was renovated in only three months transforming it into a model facility.

Since moving into this facility, the Lord’s provisions have been nothing short of miraculous.  God has blessed the ministry to install a state of art multi-media system, automate all key church functions, pave and landscape a new parking lot, and begin developing a first rate ministry support staff.  God has continually exceeded our expectation and proved to the congregation that the Lord will always make a way for His people.  During this period of tremendous progress, the ministry has grown to over 198 families …. Validating the fact that Antioch COGIC is indeed “A Ministry Committed to Discipleship”.

As a continuing effort to stay in God’s will, in 2000 Pastor Logan led a team of 13 to Uganda East Africa; implementing the vision given to him to “Hold up the Arms of Africa”.  Phase 1 was the exploring stage to assess the need in order to manifest the kingdom. In 2002 Phase 2 was the equipping stage of providing spiritual, physical and financial support to the ministries there; and in 2004 Phase 3 the empowering stage consisted of preparing targeted Ugandan Pastors for leadership was accomplished.  In 2006 and entering into 2009, we continued the empowering stage in a number of ways:  Giving on-going support to four influential pastors in Uganda by purchasing a parcel of land for two of the pastors to build  homes, a parcel of land and a church for another;  we’ve purchased generators for night service; taken over 4100 bibles and provided uniforms for students since we started this journey; a pastors and wives teaching conference is held during each trip and in 2008 over 5000 attended plus 100 bicycles were given as a blessing to targeted pastors; a computer center for African youths in Kampala is set up; on-going support of the New Hope Christian School for orphans which cares for over 600 students is provided;  and provide support for medical supplies to the local hospitals all is our way of Holding Up the Arms of Africa.  In 2008 Antioch African Symposium had record attendance with 530 people experiencing the ambiance of the African theme setting.  Antioch’s Missions Department in the past has supported foreign missionaries in Haiti and in Russia. In 2003 and 2008 a team from our Youth Department traveled to Mexico to bless families by helping to build homes. 2009 was Antioch’s first camp experience with 42 youths and 15 adults traveling to Hebrew AZ at Camp Shadow Pines the theme was “Holiness is a Representation of God”.

In May of 2004 our current location was paid off; in Sept 2004 we purchased the Administrative Building next door and the Annex to the North of us; we purchased our van in Nov 2003 and paid it off in May 2005. Site plans for the renovation project were completed in Jan 2006 and land north of the church was purchased.

The walls of Antioch has seen many baby dedications and weddings. Numbers of people have dedicated and rededicated their lives to God thru baptism. Elders and Missionaries have been nominated and licensed and since the year 2000 Antioch has registered over 70 students in the International School of Ministry (better known as ISOM) and graduated 4 classes.  2009 saw two Ministers licensed and one Deacon ordained.

Pastor was given from God such yearly themes as:  1) “Running With the Vision” “Write the Vision, and Make it Plain upon Tables, that He May Run That Readeth It” in 2000; 2) Manifesting the Vision by Perfecting Individual and Corporate Ministry” in 2001; 3) Ascending to the Next Level Through Prayer in 2002;  4) Manifesting the Kingdom of God Through Obedience, Power and Witness in 2003;  5) Embracing Our Destiny by Overcoming Our Fear and Anxiety in 2004;  6) Called to do the Work of an Evangelist: Our Mission, Our Message, Our Model, Our Means, Our Mindset and Our Motivation in 2005;  7) Pressing Toward the Goal of Maturity in 2006;  8) Mastering the Love Walk in 2007;  9)  Striving to become Strategic Warriors for Christ in 2008 10) Endeavoring to Keep the Unity of the Spirit in 2009, 11) “Be Strong in the Grace of Jesus Christ: for My Grace is Sufficient for You” in 2010 and the theme for 2011 is “Divine Deliverance Strategies: Overcoming Life’s Issues through the Power of God”.

2008 (the year of new beginnings) started with four stars for Antioch for on 13 Jan 08 the sanctuary doors were opened for:

Ø7:30 Sunday morning prayer

Ø8:00 Early morning service 

Ø9:30 Sunday School

Ø11:15 Late morning service

ØMessage:  Striving to Become Strategic Warriors for Christ “The Importance of Understanding your Enemy?

May 1, 2010 was a joyous occasion for Antioch; we became the lead church in the New Agape Fellowship District joined by Rehoboth Saint Center and True Holiness Church of God in Christ.  Pastor Jonathan E. Logan is our Superintendent and Missionary Gwendolyn E. Relf is our District Missionary.  The Agape Fellowship District exists to Express the love of Christ, to Enjoy fellowship with believers and to Equip the Saints.  Its Vision Statement is an equipped body of believers having genuine fellowship with God and Unconditional love for each other.

Antioch is currently the home of 271 active adult members and 128 children; and we still believe the Lord has even greater blessings and challenges for the Antioch Family in the future.

Antioch where the first believers were called Christians

Antioch a “Ministry Committed to Discipleship”

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